This website is aimed to provide a place to become informed of issues we face, to allow an objective analysis, and help you come to your own decisions about what you believe about these issues, then provide some information on how to live by those choices. Hence the articles presented here are as factual as possible, without swaying arguments. Once someone has decided where they stand on an issue, I hope further pages will provide the information, and practical advice, on how to live by those decisions. This is extremely important information by which to arm people, as our actions not our beliefs are what changes the world, and currently there is so much going on that it can be impossible for the average individual to make daily choices in consistence with their beliefs (e.g. Which foods in the supermarket will hinder rainforest destruction?).

Many topics are covered briefly and a summary of my conclusions presented separately to prevent overwhelming people, yet fairly comprehensively to cover everything sufficiently that decisions on the issue are well-informed, and provide a start to further discourse. References are provided to show where the information and conclusions presented arose, and provide further reading for those interested.

I strongly rely on any feedback, about any issues regarding the website or anything on it. If anyone has further information I have over-looked, or discovered errors I have made, or would just like to show appreciation for my efforts, please contact me.

Skepticism and Values

This website is based on skepticism, and values.

Skepticism is a philosophical attitude whereby one analyses the validity of claims before determining their beliefs on an issue. This website has articles on facts of differing issues, remaining void of opinion.

Values are strong beliefs within every person that establish guidelines for what they believe is of greatest importance. They create our view of the world, our character, and our concept of right and wrong, acceptable and objectionable. After each article a summary of what people with different values seem logically likely to do with the information.

In this way scepticism and values are used to help guide us around issues and hopefully will help people decide where they stand on different issues.


Ones values can be a very complex system that evolves throughout a person’s lifetime. While there are many values people can hold and each to varying degrees of importance, in practice the consequences of actions are measured as good or bad depending on outcomes related to one’s self or family, humanity, animals, environment, or religious beliefs.

The term “values” as used on this website refers to four areas which are important for decisions made around the issues discussed here. They are selfish, humanity, animal, environmental and sustainability. (Religion may also be an important factor for many people, however is not something I wish to attempt to separate or state here.) These may or may not be considered primary values, it is likely that you have many values that combine to agree with one of these in some situations whereas align yourself with another in different circumstance. They are not necessarily set for you to decide which one you are and follow for every choice, they are merely guidance toward what one may logically determine to be the right choice for each issue to one who agrees most with that position. Of course this is something that is difficult to measure objectively, so again is only a guideline. Remember, these are values held by individuals, and none is right or wrong.

Default: where no value is placed, one is being guided by society and ease, also considering the current choices of the general population or what one may choose with no information provided to choose appropriately with respect to ones values.

Selfish: includes choices made for yourself, family, group, or country, to benefit in your lifetime.

Humanity: benefiting all humans on Earth, for the length of their existence.

Animal welfare: benefiting all animals on Earth, for the length of our existence.

Environmental: benefiting all life on Earth for as long as the planet survives.

Sustainability: Maintaining human survival on Earth as long as possible.

Why Bother?

Actions have consequences. What actions we choose to make are based on the information we have available at the time, as well as how they fit with our emotions and underlying values. Your values help determine who you are and want to be. Mostly what you do is based on what is easy. Your values use your emotions to help you take often harder actions towards what you believe is right, and when you don’t listen to them you feel bad. This personal feedback system is why most people will pay attention to information of importance to them and hopefully this website will give informed guidance on how to live towards their values that would otherwise have been a challenge to obtain preventing positive actions from lack of information. Information gives us power and proper choice, at present most of us are making decisions without knowing its consequences. If everyone shifts slightly in what they do to what they want to support society will follow, as it is set up to follow money.

What should we be doing to live in a world we want?